Tuesday, May 20, 2008

who's watching


Anonymous said...

oh jyotsana!

these are wonderful .... i have an image that is a sign that says: Your Eyes Always Give You Away...

sigh. it would have been a perfect addition to your post ....

the question is: do we play to the audience who is 'watching'? or do we listen to our inner truth and walk along its pathway?

much love,
lady blue

Eye! said...

Eyes are the window to the soul, they also say.. true, I find, as to me they are all telling.

Little ovals, mainly water, sparkling with colour and a flower inside :)

This is a great blog for the ones amongst us who love visuals and a great addition to your 'ah woman' if I may say so, which features some great poems, by the way.

Nice comment, the other day;- Me's good, dad's ok luckily and I'm back on full form but it has taken a while... Book here I come.. ! :)

Hope all is well with you too my friend.

Greetz from Eye!

Sayani said...

hi jyotsana
i must admit u 're a capturer
be it beauty,insight and simple thought s
u are a winner

take care

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very nicely captured shots...they are so expressive!

Wordcrafter said...

This is an interesting choice of contrasting images, the ones that show only the eyes, and the one where the eyes are not seen, it poses questions about identity, concealment cultural differences and in the last one, about the interaction between two people. Last but not least, they are beautiful too.

life is good said...

u write and capture both in a unique way ...must admit it is visible in crowds

sidhubaba said...

Pictures often express what words cannot. Pictures of eyes are a fantastic way of initiating thought on the in-out relativity.

cyclopseven said...
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cyclopseven said...

the eyes that see the world
sees not the SELF that sees thorough it.

multifarious the vision may appear to be
through the eyes of the soul
its not granted the liberty of witnessing
the effulgence of the brilliant SELF.
colors and rays of splendor untold
from centuries gone by, unfolds,
for the naked eyes to feast
in the glory of the SELF
but the eyes
have lost the sight to see
the power that is sustaining the vision.

time rolls by
and slowly disappear into eternity.
the naked eyes will still remain blind consciously
without realizing the mystery
‘the SELF sees through the eyes and yet the eyes
see not the SELF that sees through it’

strange it may seem
and strangers we remain
to the SELF.

we are.