Tuesday, March 4, 2008

beautiful men

these are the beautiful men i know or more truthfully i wish to know. where are they?

jesus. photo courtesy: http://www.marketingjesuschrist.com/

sainath. a fakir and an emperor in the truest sense of the word.
photo courtesy: http://saimaharaj.org/

"The Master.
Pure space. Nothing yet Everything - the Universe.
The real master invites you to start your inner growth and lets you pass on through him.
That is Osho." (courtesy: http://www.oshoworld.com/)


Eye! said...

Where are they? - They are inside of you and all around you, if you believe in them. They exist in your thoughts and mind, and therefore exist inside of you. :)

jyotsana said...

hi thanx for the comment. however i only meant to say was that having them on mind isnt enough. they are as true as the sip of the tea, as the morning breeze,as the breath every moment. not on our minds but in our beings. very few of us ever feel them this way. most of us carry them as thoughts- as knowledge and not as knowing .............

Steve Ballmer said...

Beautiful art

Raja Mohamed said...

My GURU s !

Shiva said...

Buddhas - eternally living in us!

That was an interestingly rare combination. May be, they all meant the same but interpreted differently.

Kunjubi said...

Thank you joysthna..u are a wonderful person and your varied interests shows what you are. I like all the pages, including all your archives, thru which i am becoming so enlightened...A thousand thanks... cheers kunjubi (be in touch.. we have so many things in common)